One-to-one Intensive English Course

Individual Tailor-Made Lessons

At DialoguE, your one-to-one English lessons are fully adapted to your needs and learning style.

After an initial evaluation, your English course is designed with you and for you to ensure that you will meet all your specific objectives set at the start of the course.

At the end of your stay, you will take your own personalised manual and CD with you.

An Effective Method

Thanks to a constant ongoing "Dialogue" you will quickly learn to make yourself understood.

With plenty of practice, the results are immediate and long lasting, using a unique approach that ensures you will not lose what you have gained.

Our method helps you to avoid constant translation and instead allows you to think in English. English will become as natural and as pleasant for you as your native language.

A Balance Between Modern And Traditional Methods

DialoguE is much more than an English lesson:

  • it is ongoing continuous learning: you not only have an English teacher but a partner, a coach who, thanks to his or her experience, sees at once what you need in English and adapts your programme accordingly; 
  • there are no textbooks as in school: the English lesson is for you and designed with your involvement; at the end of your English course you take with you your own "tailor-made manual" ; 
  • whatever your real objective in English, you will improve at the same time, your pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

Although DialoguE is modern and in many respects unique, it incorporates the best aspects of traditional methods in language and communication teaching. Our experience of 20 years with previous teaching methods enabled us to recognise the need for a new approach such as the one developed at DialoguE.

Experienced, Specialised And Native English Teachers

Every instructor working at DialoguE teaches in his or her own native language. Trained by DialoguE, they have an average of 8 years of experience in language instruction.

All of them are university graduates and are specialised in several fields, including legal, diplomatic and business English.


DialoguE English Intensive Course is open to all levels.

Our program can accommodate students at all levels of English language ability, from beginner to bilingual.


From 1 weekend. A weekend is sufficient to make a noticeable improvement in your ability to speak and comprehend English, and significantly to improve your self-confidence.

DialoguE advises you to stay for 5 days. For maximum progress beginners are recommended to take a course of 10 to 15 days.

Spectacular Progress

Learning English in one of Dialogue’s centres will save you much time, whether you are completely new to the English language or practically bilingual.

Our approach quickly brings out your passive knowledge. Even if you are completely new to the English language, in two weeks you will begin to communicate in English.

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