Business English
Industry-Specific Training

DialoguE has built itself an excellent reputation in the areas of ‘English for Business’ and ‘English for Diplomacy’.

Do you speak English fluently and want to spend a day or two immersed in your specialised area? Are you less advanced in English, or even a beginner, and need to improve the specialised vocabulary of your profession in one or two weeks?

Your expectations will be fulfilled: DialoguE caters for professionals (businessmen, diplomats etc.) who have no time to lose, and have very little time to become proficient in English.

One area where DialoguE excels itself is ‘negotiating in English’. You can quickly learn to speak, think and act in English. The English culture stops being an obstacle and instead becomes your ally. You will be perceived as someone who really understands the native English speakers.

DialoguE’s ‘Specialised English’ CDs and CD-ROMs are also highly appreciated in the business world. They give you all the useful expressions and turn of phrases that you need. These are not just vocabulary lists, but sentences that you can use while negotiating. Thanks to the DialoguE method, you will be able to assimilate these sentences easily and quickly, so that they become as natural to you as those that you use in your mother tongue.

DialoguE English Business Specific:

Administrative English - Banking English - Business English - Commercial English - Diplomatic English - Economic English - Financial English - Food and Beverage Industry English - Legal English - Insurance English - Marketing English - Office English - Giving a Speech or Presentation in English - Medical English - Negotiating in English - Scientific English - Secretarial English - Selling in English - Technical English - Travel Industry English - Travelling English


Specialised English

DialoguE also offers group training (maximum of 6 people per group) in complete immersion inside companies.

Many large multinationals trust DialoguE for their training needs.


Among the companies that call on DialoguE’s expertise, you will find:

Allianz, Axa, European Commission, Hoffmann-La Roche, UBS, Swiss Life, etc.

In one week, their employees achieve spectacular progress in the language of their specialised subject matter.

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