English for Business – detailed programme

The main objective of our specialist English courses is to help you to master the language of your profession.

We offer you a wide choice of exercises:

  • Free oral expression in your subject, role-plays within your area of activity, conducting meetings, participating in meetings
  • Using and enriching vocabulary specific to your speciality
  • Improving your listening comprehension of business English (unique method of improving sound distinction)
  • Improving your pronunciation and your intonation in professional contexts (extremely effective method of improving your English pronunciation)
  • Professional presentations in English: presenting figures, facts, products, procedures or manufacturing processes
  • Written expression exercises in professional contexts (letters, e-mails, reports, minutes of meetings, manuals, brochures)
  • Working through your own work-related documents (articles, brochures, manuals, specifications, balance sheets, instructions manuals)

Business English Programmes

Administrative English - Banking English - Business English - Commercial English - Diplomatic English - Economic English - Financial English - Food and Beverage Industry English - Legal English - Insurance English - Marketing English - Office English - Giving a Speech or Presentation in English - Medical English - Negotiating in English - Scientific English - Secretarial English - Selling in English - Technical English - Travel Industry English - Travelling English

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